Decoration Hôtel Paris Lafayette

Hotel in Paris


A graduate of the Paris Val de Seine School of Architecture, Aurélie Lambert worked with an agency for many years.

Her experience has led her to work for both individuals and professionals of all types, from interior decoration to the City council. In 2016, she created her own practice.
Her diversity is her strength, and she approaches each project as a new experience. Passionate and perfectionist, she likes to mix eras and styles, with great attention to detail, and approaches her projects without fixed ideas. Always open minded, she is inspired by the history of places and immerses herself in her environment. She loves differences in scale and plays with perspective, while mixing materials, colours, textures and objects, without listening to preconceived opinions, to create unique fully-fledged universes, with strong identities.

Attached to working with light, she creates a specific response for each project and its context, creating compositions of space that are anything but standard, to make them unique places, full of warmth and with strong character.